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Discover Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so effective for REAL! 7 Days at Gracie Barra Bolton for ONLY £1
Plus Get a Free Manual that will take you all the way to Blue Belt!
James Scott,
GB Founder Member
"I lost an amazing amount of weight in my first Week.. After all the training I have done over the years nothing compares to Gracie Barra!"
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We have a wide array of classes and events. Some of the classes are on a regular basis like the All Levels, Advanced and Fundamentals classes and we also have small featured Groups like Ladies Self Defence, Drilling Classes and BarraFit (the Aerobic version of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), so you can see that you can train with us all week if you decide to. If you want to try any of the classes and be treated as a full member for a week then click on the link below:
About "The 7 Day Gracie Barra" Full Membership Week
That's right a full 7 days. You will be treated as a full member, with no obligation to join at the end. If you do decide to take the ONE POUND trial then you will also receive a copy of the manual 'Zen Jiu Jitsu - White to Blue' which gives you all the concepts for getting from a newbie white belt all the way to an accomplished Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Don't think it's just some crappy throw away. This book retails for £11 on Amazon, it's 118 pages of real content. It's yours to keep during the trial.

If you do decide to join we have a SPECIAL BONUS!! Only available to students on the 7 Day Trial!! 
Don't worry we'll give you all the details on the day you try your first class.
Watch the Video Below to get a Feel for the Program.
This is actual footage from Gracie Barra Bolton.
You will be treated as if you are a full member. We even record the number of visits you take and put this towards your promotions within Gracie Barra. This can take you a long way and the first step beyond white belt is blue belt...and that's what you need next. A copy of the Amazon hit Zen Jiu Jitsu - White to Blue.
Zen Jiu Jitsu - Free
The Manual of how to effectively get from a White Belt to a Blue Belt is included in the £1 Trial. So even if you only want this book and not the Trial it's still worth a Quid! See what others had to say about it...
Letter From the Professor
It is better to have the skills and not need them than to need the skills and not have them...
The modern world has become an increasingly violent place to work and live. This is a sad indictment of society today and something that I feel we will have to live with for some time, especially in the current political climate.

I feel we owe it to ourselves and our children to keep in shape and stay ahead of would-be bullies and predators who might make it their business to change our lives...sometimes forever. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we not only become fitter and healthier we learn a combat defence system that is unparalleled anywhere throughout the world. This was proven very early on in the days of Vale Tudo and UFC. Which is now more mainstream.

It is based on defence (not striking or attacking our opponents) and this is one of the reasons that many anti-bullying organisations teach it to children. We build the power to overcome most aggressors and even if we don't overpower them, they won't want to come back for second helpings. There are always easier targets!

We want to make this opportunity for you to train with us at Gracie Barra very simple, but not so simple that it has no value. We are willing to give you a weeks worth of coaching for only one pound. That shows that you have taken the time to fill out the form, pay the pound and then book your class. We only allow three new trials per class, so we have to close this as and when the slots are filled. You will get the Manual (Zen Jiu Jitsu) that you can read prior to training with us and then get started. Don't worry about uniforms or what to train in, all that will be explained when you have registered. It's super easy and super safe we transact all our payments via Stripe. Click the link below and let's get started on the journey, you're maximum risk...a massive - £1.00

Best Regards
Barry Crowther
Professor / Owner Gracie Barra Bolton and Walkden

P.S. We have VERY Limited spaces on this program. We have had to put a time constraint on the number of trial we can manage as we only have so many introduction uniforms. There won't be trials available for a while after the current induction!
Hurry!! Only 9 Spots Remaining
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