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Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and
Reach Your Goals With Bolton's No.1 Jiu Jitsu School
Gaz Fogg, 
Gracie Barra Bolton Member
"Joined as I was looking for new ways to stay active and fell in love with it instantly. It's a Very friendly atmosphere. This is now my main focus for fitness and I'm learning something awesome in the process!!"
Letter From the Professor
It is better to have the skills and not need them than to need the skills and not have them...
The modern world has become an increasingly violent place to work and live. This is a sad indictment of society today and something that I feel we will have to live with for some time, especially in the current political climate.

I feel we owe it to ourselves and our children to keep in shape and stay ahead of would-be bullies and predators who might make it their business to change our lives...sometimes forever. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we not only become fitter and healthier we learn a combat defence system that is unparalleled anywhere throughout the world. This was proven very early on in the days of Vale Tudo and UFC. Which is now more mainstream.

It is based on defence (not striking or attacking our opponents) and this is one of the reasons that many anti-bullying organisations teach it to children. We build the power to overcome most aggressors and even if we don't overpower them, they won't want to come back for second helpings. There are always easier targets!

We want to make this opportunity for you to train with us at Gracie Barra very simple, but not so simple that it has no value. We are willing to give you a weeks worth of coaching for FREE. That shows that you have taken the time to fill out the form, pay the pound and then book your class. We only allow two new trials per class, so we have to close this as and when the slots are filled. You will get the Manual (Zen Jiu Jitsu) that you can read prior to training with us and then get started. Don't worry about uniforms or what to train in, all that will be explained when you have registered. It's super easy and super safe we transact all our payments via Stripe. Click the link below and let's get started on the journey, you're maximum risk...NOTHING...It's FREE!

Best Regards
Barry Crowther
Professor / Owner Gracie Barra Bolton and Walkden

P.S. We have VERY Limited spaces on this program. We have had to put a time constraint on the number of trial we can manage as we only have so many introduction uniforms. There won't be trials available for a while after the current induction!
Hurry!! Only 9 Spots Remaining
Get Fit, Feel Great, and Learn Self Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life...And Have Fun Doing it
Zen Jiu Jitsu - Free
The Manual of how to effectively get from a White Belt to a Blue Belt is absolutely FREE. So even if you only want this book and not the Special Trial Offer it's still worth a look... See what others had to say about it...
Work Pressure, Family Needs, Health Concerns, Time Demands...Sound Familiar?
Self Defense isn't just physical. It's also mental, spiritual and emotional. Living your life the way you want isn't always easy. When we first meet a new student at our academy, the signs of daily life in the 21st Century are usually pretty (and painfully) obvious:
  •  A Truly Exciting Way to GET FIT
  •  GB people are committed to your progress in learning
  •  The renowned Gracie Barra structure makes your journey in learning smooth and enjoyable
  •  GB Community will change your life forever
  •  GB Fighting Techniques will be useful outside the mats, in real-life situations
Having trouble focusing isn’t just a “kiddy thing”. The ability to hone in on and complete a task is vital for our work success, family success, and life success. In our jiu jitsu classes, you’ll gain laser sharp focus that you’ll take wherever you want go. 
As we say in our classes, Confidence is Cultivated. That means that if you want that next promotion at work, or the respect of people you admire – or even to just be able to hold your head up in your daily life, you’re going to have to work for it. And we can show you how. 
We’re humans – we’re not supposed to be shut up in an office or factory all day, only to come home and turn on the TV (then go to bed and repeat the cycle again and again). The kinds of things you can learn – the knowledge you can gain from interacting with your team mates in a supportive environment is amazing.
We’re all guilty of quitting when things start to get tough. But in our classes, you’ll be motivated by instructors and coaches who know exactly what you need. They’ll drive you to reach deep within yourself and help you create an unwavering perseverance that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
You can’t just sign up at a big box gym and expect to achieve the kinds of results you truly want. You could hire a personal trainer for £10’s/hr, or you could join a class where you’re driven by not just your own motivation, but by your friends, coaches and the culture of success that we foster in our school.
“Health” isn’t just a new buzzword. Our population is slowly dying of heart disease, chronic illnesses and worse. Don’t expect to beat the statistics unless you take action. Even if you don’t join our classes, try something! But if you do join, you’ll know that you’re on a personal path that you, your spouse, your kids, and everyone around you can be proud of.
But There is an Answer!
We've specifically designed our classes to help you break through to new levels of health and happiness. You'll be able to work through your daily challenges with strength, focus, and poise (even if you're never "attacked").
Just A Few of the Benefits of Gracie Barra BJJ
Physical Strength
A Healthy body is a Strong body. So many people just want to “lose weight”, but they don’t realise that that requires building muscle. It's a great workout but starts off quite gentle. You won't be working to hard when learning the FUNdamentals. More muscle means you’ll burn more calories (even when resting), be more mobile, and look better.
Soaring Self Esteem
One of the most important things you’ll earn in our classes is a tremendously positive sense of self. This isn’t just kid stuff. Low Self Esteem, if we’re being honest, hurts just as much, or maybe even more, as adults. You’ll be able to fend off the emotional onslaught of judgment from others, set appropriate boundaries in your work and personal life, and eventually, through conquering our jiu jitsu class, know that you’ve conquered yourself.
The Ability to Defend Yourself Mentally, Emotionally AND Physically
If you ever need to, you will absolutely be able to defend yourself physically. The jiu jitsu techniques you’ll learn in class will arm you with a sense of security that our students get to carry with them everywhere they go. We sincerely hope you never have to use it; but if you do, you’ll be ready.
Group Support
The value of working through your challenges with a group of team mates who are all focused on the same goals cannot be overstated. You WILL be held accountable, and this time you WILL achieve your goals. We (the coaches and other students) won’t let you shy away from the things you want to accomplish, we’ll be there every step of the way. 
Sounds Great...But What's Next?
The Answer isn’t rocket science, and honestly, we feel honoured to have discovered it. It's simple and subtle, but when you experience it in person you'll instantly know it. "The Answer" solves every one of the issues we mentioned, and more. Click one of the buttons on this page and we'll share "The Answer" with you, plus show you our Schedule and Trial offer.
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James Scott,
GB Founder Member
"I was looking for a new challenge and the ability to learn some new skills.. After all the training I have done over the years nothing compares to Gracie Barra!"
Our Classes Blend Fitness with Self Defense
And That's Important

The reality is that you can't really separate the two. If you want to be able to defend yourself (and you do!), then you need to be in good shape. Now, you do NOT have to be in good shape to start! That's what we do - help normal people like you improve themselves everyday.
A "Group Sport"
With An Individual Focus

You'll get to interact and work with other people who share your same goals and challenges, but you won't be compared to them. This isn't high school gym class - there's no "pecking order". It's just a group of people working hard to achieve the things they never thought they were capable of. And you belong with them. 
Come and Check Us Out...
Gracie Barra Bolton Campus
Unit 12 Marsden House



Tel: 07922 773143

Email: barry@graciebarrabolton.co.uk

Web: www.graciebarrabolton.co.uk
This Could Be The Best Thing You've Ever Done For Yourself
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